Nienke Dijkstra

‘DMT employee takes control of own career and development’

DMT is fully focused on creating a greener world and is at the forefront of the international biogas industry. For proactive high-tech professionals who want to work with the best technologies, it’s “the place to be.” HR Manager Nienke Dijkstra talks about an open and flexible work culture with social moments.

“Fix the basics.” This was the motto for HR Manager Nienke Dijkstra during her initial period at DMT in Joure. She delved into regulations, updated the employee handbook and the premium-free pension scheme, revitalized internal communication, added 11 new positions to the job structure, and is currently developing an onboarding program. “New colleagues should feel welcome. That’s why a buddy guides them through the organization, from simple things like how the printer works to where to find the specs of technical systems. And everyone, regardless of their role, goes on-site quickly. As a DMT employee, you should know what a biogas installation looks like.”

DMT is in a growth phase and can use new talent. What should these people possess?
“DMT is a flat organization with short lines; everything is open for discussion, and everyone can contribute. Responsibility lies where it should, and all input is welcome when making decisions. In fact, it is expected of you. We are looking for people with a proactive attitude who want to contribute to our mission.”

And what is that mission?
“One of our main goals is to contribute to a greener world, leaving the earth in a better state. All colleagues have some connection to that. We do this in a high-tech world with engineers who want to work with top-of-the-line technologies. If you want to work with the best techniques, you can have your fill here at the biogas pioneer.”

How do you ensure that you continue to perform at that level?
“After 35 years, we are, of course, not the only company in renewable energy anymore. To stay relevant on the international stage, we, as a knowledge company, must keep evolving. Innovations always require new expertise from people. We do this by bringing in high-tech professionals and with our own DMT Academy. This way, we share knowledge, and everyone can continue to develop. As an employee, you also maintain control over your own career and development.”

There are 60 employees in Joure. What kind of atmosphere prevails?
“The exciting thing about DMT is the dynamic atmosphere you feel. People from all directions and countries work here; French, Italians, Spaniards, Brazilians… That creates such a pleasant atmosphere! Colleagues range from young to old; from a French Erasmus student to an experienced professional who has been here for 15 years, and there’s a nice mix of men and women and cultures. Super fun! This is especially evident during events like a barbecue where Brazilians and Italians are more outgoing.”

So there is no typical male culture?
“Exactly. Some roles in this world are dominated by men, but coincidentally, all our process engineers are women. So, there is no male culture here, contrary to expectations. It’s nicely balanced.”

What reasons do employees give for choosing DMT?
“When I ask colleagues this question, what stands out is the open culture, the mutual flexibility, and the contact with colleagues. The feeling that there is more than just work. What is also highly appreciated is the warm lunch prepared by Anneke on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With these social moments, we ensure that colleagues from both buildings continue to meet each other.”

What else does DMT have to offer?
“There is a walking group that takes a walk during lunch break. Then there’s the option to shower before getting back to work. I mention this because we see it as an example of sustainable employability. Other colleagues participate in a charity run. Put on a DMT shirt and go.”

You mentioned flexibility. What exactly do you mean by that?
“A day off to be there for a young family, time spent on a sports career, or a personal business venture. Whatever it is, we try to see what someone needs. If you’ve just graduated, you want to gain experience and develop quickly. Someone else may not want to work full-time. Sometimes you want to work from home, be able to pick up your child… At DMT, we believe that everything can be accommodated. Especially because we ask a lot from our people. They work hard, and due to the time difference with American colleagues, sometimes at different times. There should be room for balance in return. And time for relaxation. That’s why we celebrate milestones. Sharing is important!”

You mentioned work-life balance. Is there more?
“What I am currently working on is further professionalizing HR. My ambition for the future is to set up a flexible benefits model. In this, employees can choose things like a gym subscription, a bike plan, or extra leave. This way, we try to make working at DMT attractive and sustainable.”

Does it sound appealing to help DMT in their growth ambition? There are currently job openings in the engineering team.