Theo Zuijdwijk

‘The market for renewable energy is growing rapidly.’

The technologies of DMT contribute to a sustainable future. ‘Together with our customers, we work on this every day. The market for renewable energy is growing fast. We have to go all out to meet the demand.’

‘The market for renewable energy is growing rapidly. The technologies of DMT contribute to a sustainable future. ‘Together with our customers, we work on this every day. The market for renewable energy is growing fast. We have to go all out to meet the demand.’

If you have something to do with greening the world through technology, then DMT is the place to be. CEO Theo Zuijdwijk introduces you to the world of biogas and the possibilities that contribute to a sustainable world. An international growth market with plenty of opportunities.

You are in the midst of the energy transition. What is about to happen?
‘For the coming years, we foresee an accelerated professionalization of the entire industry. Especially driven by large multinationals like Shell investing in green gas facilities. The fact that such parties are taking over green gas producers active in multiple countries indicates that a lot is about to happen. There is a huge professionalization shift, with increased quality and improved maintenance and service.’

What position does DMT take, and what do you want to achieve?
‘Globally, we are probably in the top ten. This market is growing so fast! We all have to go all out to meet the capacity demand. It’s not about being number one for us. We just want to do our thing well. To be the best in our field, in our own way. That means putting the customer at the center and offering the most attractive business case possible. In this, we are different from the competition. We don’t want to send out sandwiches to the world; we want to develop, implement, and provide long-term service solutions. That’s talking about ten to twenty years. We make sure the installation is always running. The number of customers asking for that is increasing. An hour of downtime means a loss in revenue. In these times, that’s a considerable amount of euros.’

Can you keep up with that growth?
‘That’s tough. Our biggest challenge is controlled growth. We have to go all out to meet the continuous demand. Plus, we have to ensure that we grow smartly in everything we do. Continuously innovating and maintaining an open attitude outward is extremely important in this.’

What other challenges are there?
‘Technically keeping up, staying at the forefront. The challenges are really on a technical level. Even when you talk about service delivery, the customer expects more and more. As a company, you have to keep developing in that. For the future, we are expanding service, maintenance, and asset management. We are now also involved in buying biogas that becomes available. Then the customer doesn’t have to think about their installation because we take care of the next steps. That’s how we run the whole operation.’

What does that demand from the employees?
‘We ask everyone in the organization to take their area to the next level. Everything has to be right. Professionalism comes first. That means we always look beyond the day-to-day circumstances. What else can be done? How can I improve myself and do things smarter? As an employee, you get the space to share thoughts and take training.’

What kind of company do you join as an employee?
‘What we hear from technical professionals coming here is that they experience it as a candy store. You end up in a highly dynamic world where large parties with changing business and earning models are greening the world. They all see the necessity. No greenwashing, but fundamentally contributing to realizing a more sustainable world. You provide for a growing energy demand in which the demand remains high. If you want to help, you should be with us.’

It’s also an international world, isn’t it?
‘Correct, that applies to both customers and the team, which includes Brazilians, Portuguese, Americans… And from students to experienced colleagues. A beautiful diverse group.’

‘As far as industries are concerned, I have a fairly diverse background, the common denominator is the phase they are in. The companies I led were always in changing markets. Very enjoyable! The challenge lies in that transition. Giving strategic direction to a company in the markets where they are active and responding to changes in the market. At DMT, that is the transition to a greener world.’

Does it appeal to you to help DMT in their growth ambition? There are currently job openings in the engineering team.