Process Engineer

The role of a Process Engineer

As a Process Engineer with DMT Environmental Technology, you’ll contribute to a greener future by working on global renewable energy projects. This role offers the chance to enhance our installations and grow as an engineer. You’ll collaborate with a multidisciplinary team, advising and driving the evolution of our systems. Your dedication will ensure our technologies not only meet but exceed the needs of our clients and the environment. If you’re ready to apply your creativity and problem-solving skills to dynamic engineering challenges, we’re looking for you.

The tasks of a Process Engineer

Advise on project development and improvement of installations.
Keep abreast of, and implement, industry innovations into DMT installations.
Support contractors during manufacturing, installation, and commissioning.
Participate in project management and development processes.
Engage in multidisciplinary teamwork for project execution.
Lead from your engineering expertise, setting standards for practices and outcomes.

Qualifications & background of a Process Engineer

Bachelor's in Chemistry or Technical Physics.
2-5 years in a project-based, international engineering role.
Proven track record of results and solution-oriented project execution.
Willingness to work on-site and liaise with suppliers/contractors.
Fluent in English and Dutch, with strong communication skills.


Intrinsic motivation for innovation and industry leadership.
Creative problem-solving and a proactive work ethic.
Strong interdisciplinary collaboration abilities.
Service-minded with a focus on delivering solutions.
Willingness to share expertise and act as a sparring partner.
Commitment to DMT's vision for a sustainable future.

Let's engineer a greener tomorrow

In joining DMT as a Process Engineer, you’ll be at the heart of innovation, shaping sustainable solutions in the renewable energy sector. Your analytical skills, creativity, and commitment to excellence will have a direct impact on our mission to create a cleaner future. We are looking for someone passionate about development and eager to lead in their field. If you are ready to embrace the challenge and drive environmental change, we welcome you to be part of our dedicated team. Let’s engineer a greener tomorrow together.


We deliver reliable technology and services to our customers. With a team of experts, DMT works on these solutions by designing, producing, installing and providing appropriate services.

“The renewable energy market is growing fast!”

Theo Zuijdwijk

“The diversity of clients makes the work challenging!”

Melle Hoekstra

Manager Projects
“DMT-er gets direction over career and own development!”

Nienke Dijkstra

HR Manager

Nienke Dijkstra

HR Manager at DMT Environmental Technology

Meet Nienke Dijkstra, our dedicated HR Manager. With a passion for fostering a positive workplace culture, Nienke brings expertise in talent management and employee engagement to our DMT team.

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